Breastfed POOP

Let me go on a rant about breast milk poop.

First off, whats up with the color?? Novas is like a mustard yellow, its GROSS!


She poops after/during every single feeding which is ALOT! (This is completely normal for breastfed babies) And the poop does not stay in the diaper, oh no, it is up her back and up her belly everytime! At least she is not a silent pooper, she lets it be known that she is going! Oh the grunts and the farts, gets me laughing everytime!



7 thoughts on “Breastfed POOP

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    1. Really? I have never heard that but I will for sure give it a try and let you know if it works for me! Any idea if it works on old stains or just fresh ones?


  1. I’ve had lots of luck with blue dawn dish soap! As soon as you change her rinse it off with cold water, then put the dawn on the spots and rub it in really well, if it’s really bad i then soak it in cold water and more dawn, then wash regularly. It’s very rare i get a stain.


  2. I had NO idea this breast-milk poop thing happens! I am in my 3rd trimester and my little one is due this month. I plan on breastfeeding so I will be keeping in touch. Thank you for the post.


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