Cold Medicine

Requested Topic by Reader.

Cold Medicine while Breastfeeding.

Let me be the first to say, being sick while taking care of a baby is HARD! When I first came down with a cold I was scared to death I was going to give it to my baby. I called her pediatrician who said that if I am sick, the BEST option would be to continue giving her my breastmilk so she could get the antibodies from it, and ‘protect’ her from what I had. During the day when I felt the best I did not take any cold medicine, I suffered through it while pumping as much as I could. (I exclusively pump, but if you breastfeed you could just breastfeed and pump afterwords to save up for nighttime). I made sure I pumped enough to get me through the night feeds, about 15oz. I then would pump for a full 20 minutes and then take DayQuil. (NightQuil made me too drowsy) Then I would wait until at least 9 am to be sure that there was no more medication in my system that could affect my girl. I would pump one last time in the morning (I also pumped at 3am) and dumped all of that milk, just to be safe. I was told by my pediatrician that if I was not feeling any effects from the medication that it would not be in my breastmilk. I felt that a good 12 hours would be sufficient. Shout Out to the moms who are sick and don’t take anything! I was lucky enough to be making enough milk to be able to pump and dump at night when I felt the worst. As for moms who do not have the option to pump and dump, I would recommend calling your pediatrician to see what would be safe for you to take. Hang in there mama!!



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