Welcome to My Blog!

Welcome to My Blog!

After having my little bundle of joy on December 31st, I quickly found out the lack of resources and support for exclusively pumping moms! Here you can read about my experience, the ups and the DOWNS.

My Miss Nova Rae was born December 31st at a whopping 6 pounds. Currently she is almost 17 weeks old and so far so good! I breastfed for the first 4 weeks of her life, and due to an overactive letdown and oversupply I had to pump and give her breast milk by the bottle. This has proven itself to be very difficult. Between feeding, pumping, storing, cleaning, heating up bottles, etc, it seems to be a never ending cycle. I plan on sharing my experiences as a first time mom, and exclusive pumper.  I hope this blog can provide support to at least one other mom going through the same thing, or something similar!

If you thought having a baby was hard, the breastfeeding process is even HARDER!



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