Pumping Schedule

Requested by Reader.

Here is my exclusively pumping schedule. Not everyday is the same, but generally this is what I follow:

3am: Pump for 15 minutes, about 7oz total.

7am: Pump for 20 minutes, about 10oz total, sometimes more. (This is when I produce the most milk!)

11am: Pump for 15 minutes, about 6oz total.

4pm: Pump for 15 minutes, about 6 oz total.

10pm: Pump for 15 minutes, about 6 oz total.

With this schedule I get about 35oz total in a 24 hour period, this leaves me with about 10oz that I can freeze. If I have a busy day I may pump in the car or only pump 4 times that day. I never drop below 3 pumping sessions!! When Nova goes through a growth spurt I sometimes go back to pumping every 3 hours in order to give her enough milk. Its all about supply and demand!

Keep in mind my baby is 4 months old and I was lucky enough to have a milk supply that is not effected much by dropping pumping sessions. When she was a newborn though I was pumping every single time she ate. Whether that was every 3 hours, or every 1 hour that she was cluster feeding. It was a pain but paid off in the long run in helping me establish my supply.



4 thoughts on “Pumping Schedule

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  1. When did you start this schedule? I’m 5wk postpartum and am wondering if this will affect my supply.. or give me blocked ducts!


    1. I would continue pumping every 3 hours for the first 3 months and then drop 1 session a week until you are pumping every 4-5 hours. If you end up getting clogged ducts (ive had a few) you have to tough it out and pump MORE.


  2. I’m 4mpp i pump about 60-65oz a day. I’m really debating about dropping that middle of the night pump. I tried it this week didn’t really notice a change to my supply but I’m just really scared that my supply is going to go down. I have 3000oz stored but I don’t think I’m ready to really stop


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