Upcoming Topics

I have had a TON of requests for topics and I plan on addressing ALL of them. Below are a list of the topics I will be covering in the upcoming weeks and when they will be posted. So STAY TUNED!

Weight Loss 15 Day Mommy Fit Challenge with Meal Plan: 4/29/2017 by 5pm.

I will share my experience with the 15 day mommy fit challenge, the meal plan I created for it, and how I lost 8 inches and 55 pounds during it!

Thrush in Baby and Mom: 5/1/2017 by 5pm.

Thrush in Baby and Mom are common when breastfeeding and pumping. I will discuss the signs and how I treated them for us!

Mastitis and Clogged Ducts: 5/2/2017 by 5pm.

Mastitis and Clogged Ducts are the worst! I will discuss my many experiences with these and how I prevent and get rid of them in less than a day!

My Daily Routine: 5/3/2017 by 5pm.

I will explain my day to day routine on when I pump, when I feed my girl, bed time routines, etc!

Weaning, Latching, and Supply: 5/4/2017 by 5pm.

How I plan to wean, how Nova does with latching (during the 4 weeks we breastfed on the breast), and how I keep my supply up.

Formula: 5/8/2017 by 5pm.

My opinion on formula, and why I chose not to use it.

Breastmilk Storage: 5/9/2017 by 5pm.

My compilation of research on how to store breastmilk, and how to reheat it.


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